Szczecin Witnesses Massive Arrival of Vehicles and Troops for Brilliant Jump 2016

Major General Hans van Griensven, Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans JFCBS
18 May 2016
Szczecin - The arrival of troops and vehicles of the Spanish Brigade ‘Galicia’ today in the Polish seaport of Szczecin marked the ‘tangible’ start of the deployment phase of exercise Brilliant Jump 2016, planned by Headquarters Allied Joint force Command Brunssum (JFCBS) in order to test the readiness and capability of the VJTF Spearhead.
Huge unloading operations from a merchant ship were carried out since the early morning in order to line up about 400 military vehicles in the main seaport hub of Poland.
Major General Hans van Griensven, Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans JFCBS, took part in the event on behalf of the Commander, General Salvatore Farina. ‘This exercise, the most important for NATO in this semester preceding the Summit in Warsaw, will demonstrate a capable Very High Readiness Joint Task Force, which will deploy its land component within a few days’ timeframe to Poland’, he highlighted to several media who witnessed the unloading operations.
More troops along with vehicles and equipment for the Spanish 7th Light Infantry Brigade ‘Galicia’ as well as for the British and Albanian units taking part in Brilliant Jump 2016 are planned to be transferred not only by sea but also by air, using the Wroclaw airport, and via land, across the Polish borders. All troops and personnel deploying for Brilliant Jump 2016 at the end summing up to 2,500, will finally gather in the Zagan training area.
‘This huge deployment - said Major General van Griensven - is possible with the crucial support provided by Multinational Corps Northeast, based here in Szczecin and the new NATO Force Integration Unit, based in Bydgoszcz, both strongly linked to Poland as the nation hosting this NATO exercise.’
The forces deploying to Poland today and in the next few days are part of an enhanced NATO Response Force, which has ‘an increased capability and responsiveness in protecting the Eastern flank of the Alliance, as per the Readiness Action Plan agreed in the 2014 NATO Summit in Wales’.
‘Brilliant Jump – the General concluded - will clearly demonstrate the concrete capability and readiness of the VJTF Units, as well as represent the strong solidarity among NATO member States’.
Convoys with vehicles will be leaving from Szczecin seaport towards Zagan for the next three days.


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