Baltic Host 2012 improves coordination between civil and military authorities

02/07/2012 2012

Baltic Host 2012

Cooperation with the civil authorities played a key role in theexercise.

2 July, Host Nation Support (HNS) exercise Baltic Host 2012 was concluded in the Baltic States. A six day exercise focused on improving the HNS coordination between the civil and military authorities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

With the exercise, the international military staffs and representatives of the civil authorities at locations in Tartu, Riga and Nemencine tested their legal and logistic framework in cases where countries receive Allied support.

NATO HQ JFC Brunssum observers monitored the exercise with aim to use the experience in the future planning of the NATO Response Force (NRF) exercises.

Baltic Host is a tri-national, annual Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration (RSOMI) exercise conducted in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. In total more than 300 people and five international military headquarters, including U.S. European Command took part in this year’s event.

HQ JFC Brunssum, the Netherlands is one of three NATO operational level commands in NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO). JFC Brunssum also serves as the higher headquarters for ISAF in Afghanistan, with ISAF as a primary mission and NATO Article 5 Operational Planning, Baltic Air Policing, Military Cooperation and NATO Response Force (NRF) tasking among other activities.