Players begin a game of Magic: the Gathering at NerdCon 2016.
Oct 7, 2017
Batman is hanging out with a storm trooper. Pokémon and princesses are watching anime together. This is no ordinary Saturday. It’s the TriBorder NerdCon!
What started in 2016 as a videogame tournament between a few friends ballooned into something awesome, and more than 200 people came from as far as SHAPE to enjoy the celebration of gaming, fantasy, and all things geeky. Now in its second year, the Tri-Border NerdCon is expecting a crowd of 400 attendants of all ages.
True to its roots, NerdCon 2017 is jam packed with opportunities to unleash your inner gamer. In addition to a new "nostalgia” wall of vintage video games, this year’s Con includes prized tournaments in Smash Brothers, Streetfighter 2, Pokémon DS Sun and Moon, and more. Dive into the world of old school gaming with a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure, a Magic: the Gathering tournament, a challenging zombie survival game, and other multiplayer roleplaying board games.
Strut your stuff in the cosplay costume contest for kids and adults, view your favorite animes, or bring your drone and compete with other flyers. Paint a Warhammer figurine, buy and sell handicrafts and collectibles, and check out the latest from popular vendors like Magus Games and Dutchbricks. There’s a ton to do! It all starts with a cosplay party on Friday night, featuring a sneak peek of the upcoming Alliance Players show, "She Kills Monsters”!
No matter your fandom, there’s a place for you here. To NerdCon president JoAnn Tubbs, the event is a way for people to relax, build connections with others, and let their true personalities shine. "This is what we love to do,” she says. "And we want to share it with people.”
NerdCon is open to the public. Bring cash for snacks or tournament entry (€2 – €5 each).
Ticket purchasing information and schedule of events at
Main Event Details:     Saturday, 7 October, 10:00 – 20:00
JFC Brunssum International Conference Center, Rimburgerweg 46, 6445 PA Brunssum
Ticket prices: presale / door
    Kids under 15:  €8 / €10
    Adults:            €10 / €12
Article by Kat Timm

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